Oasis Claw is exactly the accessory you have been lacking for being completely happy..
Oasis Claw is a stylish, convenient, safe for health and just awesome and individual mouth tip!
Oasis Claw is stylish, it is really cool to wear it around the neck due to the adjustable length of the rope, it matches any piece of clothing as it is dyed in classic colors – black and steel.
Уголь OASIS не меняет вкус кальяна.
Наш уголь без примесей и химических добавок.
У многих конкурентов с меньшим количеством пепла и большим жаром используется химия (хоть они об этом и не говорят).
The silicone part has a special bending angle for comfortable hookah smoking.
We carried out a research at the stores and hookah lounges, enquired a dozen of experts and decided to do so. And we are satisfied with the results – it is really comfortable! Besides, we created samples with different density of silicone and chose the most comfortable one, and the tactile sensation of silicone is magnificent now!
Only the best materials are used in the production of Oasis Claw. High-quality stainless steel and American food grade silicone are the safest materials for contact with oral cavity.

We don't use any clay at all! Oasis Claw is absolutely safe for the usage!
None of accessories at the market is as both comfortable and stylish as Oasis Claw. 100% style!
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We also produce Coconut coal OASIS
It does not harm the environment at any stages of the production
and usage.