OASIS coconut charcoal - a completely natural product that does not harm the environment at all stages of production and use
Coal packaging is
with coal cube form factor 25 mm
The 25 mm charcoal is universal: it is suitable for smoking both on kalaud and on foil. We also note the absence of smell during ignition, which indicates the absence of chemicals in the composition, and heat transfer and a small amount of ash create the most comfortable conditions for smoking

with coal cube form factor 25 mm
A small pack of OASIS comes in handy when you need very little coal to make several hookahs. Inside, the same familiar coal without extraneous flavors and with high heat, but in a smaller volume and at an affordable price.
History of the company

The tests were absolutely impartial: we numbered the samples and gave them for testing to hookah professionals and guests of hookah bars. The samples were tested according to a clear system: the same ignition timing, the same hookahs and tobacco. It was this selection system that revealed the undisputed leader, who is now known to everyone under the OASIS brand.
As a result, we got Oasis Premium Coal, which has excellent performance.
It started in February 2015. We spent more than a year touring the factories of Indonesia in search of the best coal. Hundreds of samples from over 50 factories have been tested. More than 20 professional hookah masters from many cities of Russia and a myriad of hookah visitors took part in our tests. When testing, we took into account 18 different indicators, according to which we chose the best sample and finalized it together with the factory in accordance with our comments.
No smell and smoke when ignited, and no foreign taste when smoking
Does not go out
Consistently high heat
Free of impurities and chemical additives
100% natural raw material from coconut shell
Packagethis is the moment when true care for you is shown! We understand all the problems with packaging when working in a hookah bar and when using it at home, so we made it as convenient as possible. Packing 1 kg contains 2 separate bags of coal, which simplifies the storage and use of our product.
Convenient packaging
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